Elsa Bonnaud Elsa Bonnaud

MCF Lecturer

Elsa Bonnaud

I’m an Assistant Professor at Paris Saclay University since 2011.

I obtained a MSc in Biology and Ecology and a PhD in Ecology and population dynamics. My main research areas are focused on predator-prey dynamics, invasive species, disturbed ecosystems, biotic interactions and biological conservation.

I’m currently working on the impact of predators both on insular ecosystems and peri-urban areas to understand how global changes can induce disturbances in predator-prey interactions.

I have co-supervised 1 post-doc, 3 PhD students. I am responsible of 2 teaching units and currently involved in research programs regarding predator-prey regulation disruption that can lead to agricultural issues.

I’m a Scientific Expert for the national Park of Port-Cros & for the Small Mediterranean Island International Initiative.

Vulgarization / Science divulgation

  • 2014-on: yearly participations to fête de la science

  • 2016- on: yearly participations to main à la pâte association consisting in high school presentations of current research work

  • 5 interviews: 3 to help in the writing of divulgation papers in Sciences & Avenir, Geo Extra, Science & Vie; 1 to participate to a documentary “cat and its possible impact on Biodiversity” Science & Vie TV, produced by Flair productions; 1 for a French radio France Culture the 3rd of September 2018.