Teaching experience

2011- on

Lecturer, University of Paris-Sud - Paris XI

Classes in Undergraduate and Graduate levels in Biology, Ecosystem functionning, Population dynamics, Evolution, Genetics and Statistics

2009 - 2010

As a Lecturer at University of Paris-Sud - Paris XI

  • Grad.2nd yr. Conservation ecology in English (16h)

  • Grad.1st yr. Population dynamics (40h)

  • Grad.1st yr. Field protocol in population monitoring (40h)


As a Lecturer at University of Provence - Aix-Marseille I

  • Undergrad.1st yr. Environment and Ecology (20h)

  • Undergrad. 2nd yr. Animal Biology (15h)

  • Undergrad. 2nd yr. Environment law (5h)

  • Undergrad. 2nd & 3rd yr. Ecology and field courses (30h)

2006 - 2008

As a Teaching Assistant at University of Paul C├ęzanne - Aix Marseille III, University of Provence - Aix Marseille I and University of Avignon

2007 - 2008

  • Undergrad.1st yr. Information sciences (40h)

  • Undergrad.1st yr. Botany (9h)

  • Undergrad.1st yr. Biochemistery (18h)

  • Undergrad.2nd yr. Animal production (7,5h)

  • Undergrad.3rd yr. Botany (12h)

2006 - 2007

  • Grad.2nd yr. Conservation ecology (16h)

  • Undergrad. 3rd yr. Field ecology (16h)

  • Undergrad.1st yr. Botany (20h)

  • Undergrad.3rd yr. Botany (12h)